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How to Carry Electric Skateboards

Frank Wong

Posted on May 23 2020

How to Carry Electric Skateboards


Electric skateboards are changing the face of leisure and travel for many consumers. These devices can reach high speeds, carving up hills and adjusting to multiple terrains. Riders can use electric skateboards to have some high-speed fun, to commute to work each day, or even to travel across their cities.


But even the best electric skateboards still present their own problems. Weight is one of the most universal issues that new e-skaters must contend with. The average electric skateboard can weigh anywhere from 15 to 28 pounds. We got this information from the popular eskate blog The high weight should come as no surprise, given the complex technical components necessary to make the boards work. A developed motor, one or multiple batteries, and thick wheels contribute to a relatively heavy device.


The issue can become especially significant for some riders. Regardless of how often or how long you use your board for, there always comes a point where you’ll have to pick it up again. Storing and transporting the board are obvious reasons why you’d need to lift it. It’s generally pretty easy to do these things, even with heavier boards. But if your commute or typical ride involves constantly picking up and carrying the e-board, weight can quickly become a problem.


No need to fear! There are a number of ways that you can minimize the weight of your board and improve the ease of carrying it around. This guide will help to introduce you to some of the core considerations in the weight and carry of a board.



How to pick up an electric skateboard


Most boards can be picked up and moved just like traditional skateboards. But the increased weight of electric models might make them much harder to carry. A few of these tools and strategies might make your board much easier to move around.


Premade Handles


Many electric skateboards are designed with handles to make them easier to carry. The handles are structured simply enough. Some of these boards include a single hand-sized hole cut through the right or left side of the deck. Others might employ two of these openings, but this is not all that common.


Examples of electric skateboards with simple premade handles include the Teemo M-2 Longboard and the Teemoboard Upgraded Dual Belt Electric Skateboard.


The benefit to these premade handles is pretty evident. Because they are created by the manufacturer, there’s no risk of the handle getting in the way of performance in any big way. These handles are also likely to look better than the ones we make at home because they’re made to look great with the original deck design.


Build your own handle


It is also possible to build your own handle. This is a great strategy if you already have a board that doesn’t come with a premade hand or set of handles. However, a fair bit of research and planning is necessary to make a homemade handle work. It might be especially helpful to look up electric skateboards with premade handles and try to emulate the one or ones you like.


Finding the appropriate components is the biggest challenge for building your own handle. It isn’t usually as simple as finding a handle and attaching it. You’ll need the right tools for the job, a handle that’s sized appropriately, and a good deal of technical know-how to make it work.


Although you’re always welcome to give it a try and make your own, we recommend that new e-skaters gravitate towards premade handles for their first board. To start building your own handle, look for a handle you like and then try to find components with similar specifications.


Other ways to carry an electric skateboard


Picking up a board is possible and easy with the right handle, but smart e-skaters can avoid having to carry the board with their hands in the first place. There are two main options for towing an electric skateboard without just carrying it. Riders can generally either purchase a carrying backpack or a deck hook for their electric skateboard.


These options aren’t necessarily expensive, but high-end backpacks and hooks can become pretty costly. Still, it might be a more effective way for some riders to transport their boards than simply picking it up by the handle and moving it. An added benefit of the backpack or deck hook? They almost always look stylish!




Electric Skateboard Backpacks


As the electric skateboard community grows, a new niche has sprung up specializing in unique accessories to make e-skating even more convenient. Electric skateboard carrying backpacks look great while making it easier to carry your board around.


It is important to remember that not all backpacks can support an electric skateboard. In addition to not being able to accommodate the weight of most boards, the majority of bags don’t have enough room to store a full-sized longboard. It is always best to target a backpack specifically made to carry an electric skateboard. Luckily, there’s no shortage of bags that cater to this exact subset of e-skateboarders.


Some backpacks only fit certain types or sizes of boards. However, universal models exist. Though prices can vary greatly, some backpacks can be relatively inexpensive while still providing a solid solution to the classic e-skateboard carrying problem.


Deck Hooks


Users who like the appearance of their current backpack might be interested in what a deck hook might offer. Deck hooks attach to the back of your bag and allow you to carry your electric skateboard with ease. Accommodating weights of up to 40kg, the deck hook should be able to handle any modern board without struggle.


Deck hooks are very new to the market. Consumers should be careful when buying one of these new devices, considering the lack of reviews and testimonials available online. However, the premise behind this exciting new product is very sound. The devices use a system of two magnetic straps to lock firmly into place on the backpack.


The downside of the deck hook is that it might place too much weight on the back of the backpack. With traditional e-skateboard carrying bags, the skateboard is usually close to your center of gravity, centered against your back. The deck hook attaches your board to the back of the bag instead. This can make it harder to keep your balance, and it might be uncomfortable. But still, this new kind of carrying accessory has great potential to improve the ease of transport for electric skateboarders everywhere.


Final Thoughts


If you’re struggling to transport a particularly heavy electric skateboard, there are several options. Premade handles are pretty common, but these might not be an option for users who already have a board without a handle. Making your own handle is possible, but not always recommended for newbies. Backpacks and deck hooks continue to gain traction as stylish and simple solutions to the problem of board weight and transport.


However you choose to address your problem, finding an easy way to carry your board is sure to greatly increase the functionality of this exciting mode of transportation!


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