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If I order today, when can you ship it?

Usually, we will take 1-3 working days after you place the order
Since COV-19, there will be a delay of several days.

There are skateboard models M1 and V3 in the Los Angeles warehouse in the United States, and American customers can receive their orders quickly. (2-10 working days)

What is the current delivery time?

  • Standard shipping will need 25-40
  • Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes! We will email it to you at

Please note that due to our special shipping method, the tracking time indicated on your tracking number is not accurate.

How is the board waterproof? If it passes through a small puddle, will it continue to function?
We have been skating for Teemo boards through multiple puddles without any problems.
However, we do recommend that you ride around water and stay away from wet or icy surfaces. Riding on wet and cold surfaces is extremely dangerous because you will easily lose control of the power board.

How much weight can it carry? Teemo Borad
The maximum load is 280 lbs (150 kg). We recommend that the maximum weight not exceed 264 pounds (120 kg) or less, because exceeding this weight may affect performance.

Price and promotion How to make such a great product at such a low price? We do not have any advertising or operating expenses, and are currently trying to establish the Teemo Borad brand. This means that the board is currently sold at a very low profit margin while still maintaining the high quality of the components used. We hope to attract new customers with low prices and certified components (such as Samsung batteries, fag bearings, reliable motors, high-quality ESCs, etc.). We believe that maintaining low prices and high quality will ultimately enable consumers to recognize our brand and further support us in the future. Thank you!