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American Independence Day. Great Promotion


Teemo promotional electric skateboard V3

$289.99 $389.00

      • Parameter details:
      • Cruising Range: 

        Samsung 4.0AH : 9.3 to 11.2 miles (15-18 km

      •  Samsung 6.0AH :12-14 miles(19.2-22.5 km)

      •  battery .10.0AH :22-25 miles(35-40 km)
      • Speed Mode

      • 1.Slow mode/ Beginners : 7MPH (12km/h) max

        2.Medium mode / Intermediate : 12 MPH (19 km/h) max
        3.Fast mode / Advanced : 20 MPH12 (32 km/h) max

        The maximum Climb Angle is15 °

        Skateboard deck

        Material: 8-layer Canadian Maple

        The recommended Rider weight should be under 220 pounds (100 kg)

        Front wheel

        Bearing: German FAG bearing, the best bearing in the world.

        Material: PU solid tire

        Size:38x9.4inches (97x24cm)




        1Rear Motors-90mm (3.54 in) diameter hub motor

        Rated output power:   450W motors

         PU on the motor is replaceable

        ESC - Electronic Speed Control:

        Controller: Double - drive sine waves smooths the ride

        Regenerative brake: Recovers energy when braking and reduces energy consumption

        Adapters and chargers

        Input: 100-240v 2.5a

        Wireless remote control

        Capacity: 200 mah

        Battery type: lithium battery

        Charging time: 30 minutes

        Type: 2.4G rf technology

        The board moves with the remote, whether or not there is anything. So when you come down the board, you should turn off the remote to avoid injuries and accidents

         Entire skateboard

        Net weight: 13.23lb (6.0kg)

        Size: 38x9.44x4.9 inches (970x 240x 125mm)


        Waterproof grade

        Teemoboard plates have been strictly waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once they start to be used,  maintained or swapping batteries, the water resistance of the circuit boards will be reduced.

        Do not ride on wet or icy roads. Riding on wet or icy roads is dangerous potentially causing a loss of traction or control


        Size: 39.37x12.59x7.48 

        ches (1000x320 x190 mm)

        Gross weight: 22.04 pounds (10kg)


        Package contents: 

        1 x electric skateboard

        1 x adapter and charger(US, AU, or EU plug according to your location)

        1 x remote wireless control

        1 x T wrench tools for routine maintenance

        1 X Remote control charging cable

        1 X Fault line.


        1. UPS / DHL / EMS / HK EMS / FEDEX / TNT, etc. (door to door service), if there is no special requirement, we will give priority to DHL service. 

        2. Express logistics
          1. Delivery time
          . The customer places an order for delivery within 2-4 working days.
          2. Delivery time
          Europe: 10-15 working days
          United States: 7-15 working days
          Canada: 12-15 working days
          Now is the period of the new coronavirus, the normal order time is 25-35 days to receive the skateboard, the normal order is the price reduction, saving more than 80 US dollars
          If you want to receive the skateboard as soon as possible, tell us next that you need to increase the shipping cost.


        Q: What is the delivery time? 
        A: According to your order and quantity specifications, it usually takes about 2 working days for production. 

        Q: What are your payment terms? 
        A: We usually accept T / T or L / C as the main payment terms, other payments can also be negotiated (eg: PayPal) 

        Q: What is your warranty term? 
        A: We provide different warranty periods for different parts, usually 3 months. 

        Q: Do you have a product in stock? 
        A: Yes, we must deliver the product based on your order time. 

        Q: How does your factory handle quality control? 
        A: Quality is a top priority. We always attach great importance from the beginning of production to quality control. Each product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packaging and shipping. 

        Q: Did you deliver the correct product according to my requirements? How can I believe you? 
        A: Yes, we will. The core of our corporate culture is honesty and loyalty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Kosta Kefalopoulos
Love these boards! For the price you can’t beat it!

Love this board! I own an m1 and a v3 by far is the best fun. love this company, costumer support is amazing! I would definitely recommend this company. I weight 210lbs and the m1 with the two 450w motors gets me moving plenty fast. these skateboards are definitely a way you can feel like a kid again.

sjajs snsks

My skateboard has a battery life of 20 miles, and the price is very cheap. It is worth buying.

dylan Degruy

I received my skateboard in 5 days. Have a great time today.

Chris Acosta

I thought it wasnt gonna come it was like 2 days late but the delivery took less than 10 days very satisfied

Katrina Molatore

I received a new remote control, why can't it connect?
Hello, the new remote control needs to be paired. This is a pairing video. Thank you