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110 honeycomb city off-road, speed 55KM / h electric skateboard


Power battery 10.0AH

Parameter details:

Cruising Range: 

Power battery 10.0AH : 35-45 km

Speed Mode

1.Slow mode/ Beginners : 15MPH (24 km/h) max

2. 2.Medium mode / Intermediate : 23 MPH (37 km/h) max

3. 3.Fast mode / Advanced : 34 MPH 55 km/h) max

The maximum Climb Angle is 30 °

Skateboard deck

Material: 8-layer Canadian Maple

Maximum load: 330 pounds (150 kg)

The recommended Rider weight should be under 264 pounds (120 kg)

Front wheel

Bearing: German FAG bearing, the best bearing in the world.

Material: PU solid tire

Size:38x9.4inches (97x24cm)

Avoid skateboarding on bumpy roads and sharp rocks


2 Rear Motors-11mm (4.3 in) diameter hub motor

Rated output power:   Dual 800W motors

 PU on the motor is replaceable

ESC - Electronic Speed Control:

Controller: Double - drive sine waves smooths the ride

Regenerative brake: Recovers energy when braking and reduces energy consumption

Adapters and chargers

Input: 100-240v 2.0a

Wireless remote control

Capacity: 200 mah

Battery type: lithium battery

Charging time: 30 minutes

Type: 2.4G rf technology

The board moves with the remote, whether or not there is anything. So when you come down the board, you should turn off the remote to avoid injuries and accidents

 Entire skateboard

Net weight: 17.6lb (

Size: 36.61x9.44x4.9 inches (930x 240x 145mm)

Waterproof grade

Teemo plates have been strictly waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once they start to be used,  maintained or swapping batteries, the water resistance of the circuit boards will be reduced.

Do not ride on wet or icy roads. Riding on wet or icy roads is dangerous potentially causing a loss of traction or control


Size: 39.37x12.59x7.48 inches (1000x320 x190 mm)

Gross weight: 22.04 pounds (10kg)

Package contents: 

1 x electric skateboard

1 x adapter and charger

1 x remote wireless control

1 x T wrench tools for routine maintenance

1 X Remote control charging cable

1 X Fault line

Customer Reviews

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Bought this to commute around school and I’m in love! It didn’t take long to learn how to ride it.

Nice Board(Teemo Honeycomb)

The board is really good overall. The top speed on the website says 55km/h which is about 34 or so mph. But the fastest I was able to go was about 29-30mph(I weigh about 160-165lbs). I’m sure if you were to put street wheels on the board+ride down a hill you’d reach 34mph. I bet the heavy honeycomb wheels is a reason why it doesn’t go that fast, but 28-30mph is way more than fast enough. And I love the honeycomb wheels because they provide a lot of stability and support. And the wheels help to disperse water while riding so you don’t get much of a splash as you would with street wheels. The board was way bigger than I had expected(which is a good thing).And because of that, it provides a lot more support than a typical board. The overall build of the board/material is very high quality and it seems like it would last a lifetime. The range on the website states that it goes 35-45km which is about 22-28 miles. Now, I had rode it around my college campus a few times and I can say that the battery went down quite a bit faster than I had thought it would considering the claimed range is 22-28 miles. The overall distance that I rode on the board is 13 miles, and within those 13 miles I’ve had to charge the board twice. I only let it get down to about 1-2 bars before I would charge it because I didn’t want it to give out while I was riding. So I guess that the board could go about 10 (more or less) miles on the highest mode. And while I was on the highest mode I wasn’t even going full speed. I was going around 15-20mph average. So I would think that even on the highest mode I would at least get 15 miles out of the claimed 22-28 miles but that’s not the case. And the website says it has 3 modes when it has 4 modes. The 3rd and 4th mode give the same speed. The only difference is that the acceleration is a tad bit faster in mode 4. And another thing to mention is that the remote doesn’t come with a wrist strap so you have to make sure you’re holding onto the remote firmly. Points to make- 1. This is a solid board and it gets the job done. 2. More accurate specs should be provided. 3. Is it worth the money?… I believe so, but if the specs don’t line up with performance then the price should be lowered. 4. Should you buy this board?…in my opinion yes. And lastly, I live on a small campus so range really isn’t an issue for me. But if I wanted to travel 28 miles on this board, then I would feel skeptical lol. I haven’t rode this board many times yet(I would say 3-4 charge cycles so far), so I can’t really say how long the board will last or how fast the performance will decrease. I will probably provide an update later on down the line. I also forgot to mention that I had to pay $200(in my opinion is ridiculous) for “fast shipping” because I wanted to get the board in time before I left college. And even with paying “fast shipping” I still ended up getting the board about 1 month after ordering(which was more than 1 week later than the expected delivery date), and I was nervous that I wouldn’t get it in time, but fortunately I did. That is all, have a good day.

Karol Lowisz

Awesome board super fast and fun to ride definitely does it for my adrenaline rush thx TEEMO


i love it, i made a wheel sleeve to run anywhere, i love this board and runs 29 miles.

Richard Hunter
Teemoboard is fast

I never knew these existed until I saw a couple dudes mashing through the neighborhood on some electric boards. I just got mine and already have 34 miles on it. It’s a blast. As much fun as snowboarding. A definate head turner when I was on the walking paths hitting 22 mph going uphill. I will recommend the Teemoboard to everyone I come into contact with. Perhaps I could be on your next commercial!