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Teemoboard AX Plus(105MM Honeycomb wheels) Electric Skateboard Flex Flexible Battery,electric longboard motorized skateboard

$459.00 $759.00

Wheel size
remote control
Tboard AX plus specifications:
Skateboard: 38 inches long I 9.5 inches wide
Deck: 8 levels of Canadian maple
105 cellular motor maximum speed:

Up to 31 mph / 50 kmh
Up to 25mph / 40 kmh

Mountain climbing: up to 35% level
Net weight: 17.16 lbs / 7.8 kg
Driver weight limit: 330 lbs / 150 kg
Power: 800 watts * 2
Remote: Smoothly control the remote control
Riding mode: 3 riding modes
PU on the motor: Ultra high rebound PU 76A
Motor: 105mm X 56mm 
Charging time: 3-8 hours
Brakes: Regenerative braking

About range (different battery selection range)
Standard battery: 20R 36V 6.0 Ah 10S 3 P (powerful)

Cruising range: 15-22KM

Standard battery: 20R 36V 10.0 Ah 10S 5 P (strong)

Cruise range: 30-36KM


. Samsung 35E 17.5 AH 10S5P (powerful)

Cruising range: 55-65KM


new function:
105 * 56MM 76A honeycomb anti-fall wheel makes your riding experience more comfortable. It's easier to pass some rough roads
The AX deck is more flexible and comfortable.

The battery box is a scale box, the battery can be according to yours.

It is recommended that users ride a few hundred meters in a flat manner before trying to ride downhill. Riding downhill when fully charged will also shorten the life of the battery. Moreover, it is dangerous. So buyers should be careful
Teemoboard AX plus has been completely resisted before receiving the goods, but once you start to use or maintain or replace the battery, the board's water resistance will be reduced. Water will damage the circuit board, and water damage is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, avoid placing the board in water.
When riding an electric scooter, be sure to wear a helmet and appropriate safety equipment.
Remember to turn off the remote control and charge it when not in use to extend battery life.

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