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Teemo Electric Scooter-L1

$599.00 $699.00

Only sold in the UK

About this item

  • 【Powerful & Smart】 L1 electric kick scooter has a rated 300W Motor with up to 600W output that delivers max speeds of up to 20mph and a 15% hill grade climbing ability. The large capacity 365Wh lithium battery with regenerative braking powers you to ranges of up to 25 miles. The patented NIU BMS monitors  battery functions, more than other brands.
  • 【Stay Comfortable & Safe】Updated 10-inch Tires deliver excellent shock absorption. A dual braking system (front drum brake and rear electric brake) provides safer, more stable braking. Features a high-powered Halo headlight, braking lights, lto ensure your riding safety
  • 【Upgraded Breakthrough】L1 electric scooter is equipped with the industry's first upgraded drum brake, reducing volume by 25% and maintaining excellent performance. Integrated wiring means cleaner lines that also prevent the wires from aging, leakage and damage. Match your kick scooter with your favorite kicks using a custom NIU griptape.
  • Shipping
  • 1. Ships within 1-2 working days after the customer places the order.
    2. Received within 2-7 working days after dispatch
  • After-sales service terms
  • 1 Products applicable to the after-sale terms: electric scooters
    2. Distribution area:
    EU Member States, United Kingdom
    3. Does not support unreasonable returns
    Fourth, product quality problems return
    1. If the user receives the goods and does not use them, if the quality problem is found within 7 days, and the problem cannot be solved by sending the accessories by themselves, the return is supported.
    2. Returns for product quality problems must be confirmed and approved by our company before returning.
    3. Please return all accessories and manuals.
    5. After-sale terms
    1. Slight scratches on the body are not a product quality problem, if the buyer minds, please place an order with caution
    2. The scooter does not provide a road certificate, please place the order carefully
    3. Free accessories are provided during the warranty period, and the buyer can repair it by himself
    4. The warranty time of the product is as follows; if other parts have quality problems when you sign for them, please give feedback within 7 days from the date of receipt, and our company will arrange for a free reissue; if there are quality problems over time, the buyer needs to buy them at their own expense.

    6. Exemption clause

    2. The damage caused by violent use or violent destruction is not guaranteed.
    3. Damage caused by traffic accidents, natural disasters and wars is not guaranteed.
    4. The damage caused by water ingress and soaking in water is not guaranteed.
  • Item Parts Name Warranty Period

    Main Parts
    电机/motor 12months

    Function Parts
    充电器/The charger 3 months
    前灯/Front light  
    尾灯/Tail light
    刹车灯/Brake light
    机械刹车器/Mechanical brake device
    电子刹车器/Electric brake
    电子加速器/Electric accelerator
    Appearance Parts
    表面油漆/Paint  Logo   免保
    No warranty
    装饰条/decoration strip   
    脚垫/Foot pad  
    未列配件/Other accessories not shown in list
  • 5. If the parts are damaged due to unstable voltage, the warranty is not guaranteed.
    6. Spare parts that have passed the warranty (guarantee) period are not guaranteed.

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